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We’re advancing knowledge, providing evidence-based solutions and training the next generation of researchers and physician-scientists.

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The U-M Medical School Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is renowned for its research excellence and, under the direction of Vanessa K. Dalton, MD, MPH, Associate Chair for Research, has grown to include a broad portfolio of diverse, world-class multidisciplinary research programs.

Our research is purposefully directed toward areas that will foster the rapid transformation of women’s health and improve the lives of the people and families we care for locally and beyond. Our faculty conduct a range of research, including bench science, translational research, health services research, and clinical trials, focused on the optimization of maternal outcomes, health equity in women’s healthcare and outcomes, women’s health across the lifespan, medical education, and global health.

Our research team provides a variety of faculty support, including assistance with finding funding, proposal development, regulatory assistance, data management, data analytics, compliance, education, mentorship, and dissemination of research discoveries.

We are committed to conducting innovative, cutting-edge research that advances knowledge and provides evidence-based solutions, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and educating the next generation of academic researchers and physician-scientists.

Key Research Areas
Program on Women's Healthcare Effectiveness Research (PWHER)

PWHER is committed to improving the quality, access, and affordability of healthcare services for individuals at community, national, and global levels using diverse research methods to address pressing policies and clinical questions.

Pelvic Floor Research Group (PFRG)

PFRG is an internationally recognized, interdisciplinary research group working to improve the understanding and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. PFRG’s goal is to identify risk factors for developing pelvic floor disorders, work with high-risk women to prevent them, and provide the most effective and newest treatments for pelvic floor dysfunction.

Program for Research and Innovation in Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes (PRIMO)

PRIMO is a collaborative obstetric research group focused on closing critical knowledge gaps, improving the safety of modern obstetric care, and translating this knowledge onto national platforms.

Women’s Health and Reproductive Disparities Collaborative (OnWHARD)

The OnWHARD Collaborative is dedicated to advancing reproductive health through meaningful research, empowering education, and committed advocacy.

Pain Research Program

The Department of OBGYN’s pain research program includes independently funded investigators from the University of Michigan in partnership with external investigators, focused on gynecology pain across the life course.

OBGYN Department Research Day

The Annual Department Research Day brings together our talented faculty, staff, and learners for a day of learning, collaboration, and community-building. We hope to see you at the second annual Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Day on June 5, 2024!

Learn more about OBGYN's Research Day
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Spatial atlas of the human ovary with cell-level resolution will bolster reproductive research
New map of the ovary provides a deeper understanding of how oocytes interact with the surrounding cells during the normal maturation process, and how the function of the follicles may break down in aging or fertility related diseases.
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Despite stigma, many support making menstrual products more accessible, study suggests
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Virtual program to promote smoking cessation among Medicaid enrolled expectant mothers
Virtual program to promote smoking cessation among Medicaid enrolled expectant mothers
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U-M, MEDC award $1.8M to support eight innovative biomedical research projects
Eight biomedical research projects designed to address challenges ranging from tinnitus to opioid use disorder to preterm birth have received more than $1.8 million from the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization Life Sciences Innovation Hub.
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U.S. could cut cervical cancer cases, deaths by up to 20% if more patients followed up after screening, study suggests
Many women don’t get cervical cancer screening such as Pap tests, or don’t go for follow up diagnostic tests; a new study shows what could happen if all of them did.
Fall 2023 WHIF Winners
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2023 Women's Health Innovation Fund Award Recipients
Award recipients are advancing innovative research that has the potential to transform women's health.