Funding Your Postdoc
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Plentiful Resources

Campus has an abundance of funding resources for academia and beyond.

Grant and Funding Resources

The University of Michigan offers support for pursuing both internal and external funding opportunities. Our Michigan Experts database is the best place to find funding details for individual labs. Depending on specific requirements for each research program, postdoctoral fellows may or may not be required to seek independent funding. International applicants should contact individual labs with specific questions about funding requirements.

Whether you intend to stay in academia or explore career options beyond, we encourage postdoctoral fellows to take advantage of the abundant grant and funding development resources available on campus, such as:

International postdocs have access to all of the development resources available on campus, however not all funding opportunities are open to non-US citizens. International postdocs are encouraged to contact individual faculty members for specific funding information or consult with a grants specialist at U-M.