MD Admissions Timeline
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Plan Ahead

An in-depth look at the MD application process timeline, facts and figures.

MD Admissions
Application Process

At the University of Michigan Medical School, we make sure you know where you stand at every stage of our application process. This transparency leads to better communication and greater peace of mind. As always, the MD Office of Admissions welcomes you to contact us if you have any questions.

Deadlines & Fees
September 15
Primary AMCAS application for MD/PhD (MSTP) program
October 1
Primary AMCAS application for MD program
October 15
Secondary application for MD/PhD (MSTP) program
November 1
Secondary application for MD program
Secondary application fee for MD and MD/PhD (MSTP) programs
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We encourage all applicants, including MSTP, to apply as early as possible due to our rolling interview notification process. DACA students are also encouraged to apply to our MD program.

You can begin your AMCAS primary application this month.

Be sure to check out our secondary application essay prompts and note our deadlines for both primary and secondary applications above.

For an insider's view on Michigan Medical School, take part in (or watch the recording of) our May #GoBlueMed livestream chat featuring current M1-M4 medical students!

Tips for filling our your application:

  • Fill out the “Other Impactful Experiences” essay if you have had significant social, emotional, physical or economic hardships. This is a part of your journey and shows resilience.
  • We do not accept experiences or hours from high school. Feel free to talk about these experiences in your essays or descriptions, if they are relevant to your life story.
  • Try not to reiterate all of your experiences in your AMCAS essay. This is your opportunity to tell us more about you and your motivations for wanting to become a physician.

This is a good month to submit your AMCAS primary application! We typically begin receiving primary applications at the end of June/early July.

Did you know the University of Michigan Medical School follows the AAMC application and acceptance protocols for medical schools? All prospective MD and MD/PhD students are encouraged to review the AAMC guidelines for applicants, too. 

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Secondary applications are sent to candidates with an MCAT score at or above the 35th percentile. Those below the 35th percentile are screened for excellence within our competencies and may be sent a secondary application after review. 

Submit your secondary application as soon as possible after receiving it. There is an application fee of $85 due upon submission. That fee is waived for those approved for the AAMC-Fee Assistance Program.

Secondary Application Tips

  1. Write essays about who you are, not what you think Admissions wants to hear.
  2. Communicate clearly about what you have found in your life to help you become the person you want to be.
  3. Know the medical school’s mission. Ours is: “To transform health through bold and innovative education, discovery, and service." Learn more about the strategic pillars of our mission.
  4. Know the medical school’s vision for its graduates. Find ours.
  5. Submit your secondary applications to the schools you are most interested in within two weeks.
  6. See more information about our secondary application on the Requirements page. 

    Once your secondary application is complete, you will be able to access your Applicant Portal. If at any time you want to submit updates to your application, please use the checklist on your Applicant Portal.


Our Holistic Approach

Please be assured you will be holistically considered on your academic and personal competencies. We thoroughly review each and every file, which can take several months. Please review our process for evaluating applicants.

Interview Invitations

First M.D. interview invites are emailed to candidates starting in early August. MSTP interviewees are notified on a different schedule.


Every Monday starting with when the first round of interview invites are emailed, we post updates on X.

Follow Along with Application Tracker

Primary AMCAS application for the M.D./Ph.D. (MSTP) program is due by the 15th of this month.

Our first MD interviews take place this month, and all our interviews are conducted virtually. Candidates have the same opportunity to be admitted whether interviewed on the first day or the last.

Letters of Recommendation

University of Michigan Medical School participates in the AMCAS Letter of Recommendation Service. Here are 5 tips for LORs:

  1. Review these helpful AAMC Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Evaluation before you get started.
  2. Letters of recommendation may come from any individuals you believe can objectively assess your personal qualities.
  3. We require a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation (or a committee packet) with a maximum of 4 letters.
  4. ALL letters need to be submitted using the AMCAS letter service.
  5. Do NOT send any letters directly to the University of Michigan Medical School.

Three possible outcomes at this stage

Interview Offer

Congratulations! You will receive an email on #UMichMedMonday with an invitation to schedule your interview date via your Applicant PortalMSTP applicants go through the MSTP office to schedule their interviews.

Preliminary Screening

Once your file is complete (with Primary and Secondary Applications received) we will begin multiple reviews of your file. We do not have to have your letters of recommendation to begin reviewing your file. (Please note that for MSTP, your file is not considered complete without your letters of recommendation.) Reviews may take up to several months and could include some 'on hold' time while we complete our holistic review. Unfortunately, in our process, you will not be able to see the number of times that your file is reviewed. Check your Applicant Portal for updates any time.

File Closed

Your application package has been carefully reviewed and considered. At this point, we have determined that you will not be receiving an interview invitation.

Interview Day

All interviews are conducted virtually. Rest assured your interview day with us will be carefully planned to give you the opportunity to truly engage with Michigan Medical School and better understand who we are as a community. You'll have a chance to connect with Admissions committee members, current medical students and other applicants, as well as participate in interactive sessions and learn more about our medical school, the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor. Be sure to check out our virtual guide to the medical campus, too!


The Primary AMCAS application for the MD program is due by October 1st.

The Secondary application for the MD/PhD (MSTP) program is due by October 15th.

Rolling Admissions Notifications

With our rolling admissions notifications, applicants are notified of their status by no later than the end of the month following the month in which their interview took place beginning in October. Admitted students’ seats in the class are held until the AAMC's national decision date of April 30th. No deposit is ever required at Michigan!

Post-Interview Outcomes

  1. Admitted: Congratulations! Once you are invited to join the next class of Michigan Medical School students, you will receive more information about connecting with fellow admits and current students as well as regular updates about next steps.
  2. Deferred Decision: This decision is not an offer of admission, waitlist, nor is it a rejection. Your file is on hold while we review other candidates who interview later than you. A final review of your file will take place no later than March but could be earlier. We appreciate your patience. You are welcome to update your application at any time using the Applicant Portal. Candidates are admitted out of the Deferred Decision pool. Should candidates not be admitted, they will be placed on the waitlist in March.
  3. Waitlist: The number of students who are admitted off of our waitlist varies from year to year. While we appreciate updates and new information from those who are on the waitlist via the Applicant Portal, the number of contacts made with our office will not impact our waitlist decisions.
  4. File Closed: After careful review, it is with regret that we are unable to offer you a position in University of Michigan Medical School's next entering class.

Any outstanding Secondary applications for the MD program are due on November 1st.

To be considered for need-based scholarships, Admissions requires that you complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the University of Michigan Institutional Application for Financial Aid no later than February 1. All students are encouraged to submit their financial aid applications well ahead of the deadline. Students that do not meet our deadline may not receive the amount of need-based grant for which they would otherwise be eligible. 

For students admitted after February 1, the deadline to submit the FAFSA and U-M applications is two weeks from the date of admission. Students should check with all schools they are applying to for deadlines and required application materials. 

Approximately 60% of our students receive gift aid, including Admissions scholarships which are awarded in March.


All admitted students are automatically considered for Admissions scholarships, which are based on a holistic review of your file, not just on your MCAT and GPA. The Office of Admissions does take need into consideration, so it is important to submit to UMMS the FAFSA and our U-M Institutional Application. Admissions scholarships are separate from grants and loans which are determined from the submitted financial information.

The Office of Admissions emails candidates about Admissions scholarships typically in early March.

More Financial Aid Facts

Financial Aid Update

Our UMMS Financial Aid Office will offer to prepare a Cost of Attendance Estimate for your M1 year after receiving your FAFSA and Institutional Aid forms. It will be important for you to have estimates from all of the schools to which you are admitted.

Decision Time

You have heard from us—now it’s your turn. According to AAMC's Application and Acceptance Protocols for Applicants and the University of Michigan Medical School's Admissions Protocols for Admitted Students, you must begin narrowing your medical school choices in April so we can begin building our class and welcoming them to the Michigan community. Should you wish to discuss deferring your enrollment to the next year, you are welcome to reach out to the Director of Admissions to explore the possibilities.