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Ann Arbor offers many housing options, from renting to buying, in a variety of price ranges and locations.

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General Housing Tips

Many housing options open up in late April and into May from graduating medical students and residents, so plenty of housing is available for those who make their decision to come to Michigan during that timeframe.

  • Many of the rental communities offer leasing specials with reduced rent and/or security deposit. Be sure to inquire about specials even if they are not explicitly advertised.
  • Utilities may be included in your rent. Be sure to ask which ones are covered and which ones are not — this can vary from place to place.
  • Do not be pressured into signing a lease before you are ready. Housing options remain available throughout the summer and even into the school year.
  • As with any lease or contract, be sure that you understand your University of Michigan or off-campus housing lease or contract before you sign it.
  • Look into renter’s insurance and see what student legal services are available to you.
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a guide to buying a home. It includes tips on choosing a real estate agent, loan information, housing rights, and homeowners insurance.
Moving to Ann Arbor
Neighborhood Profiles
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Ann Arbor's city core is compact, but many neighborhoods have their own flavor. Explore neighborhood profiles in the U-M Off-Campus Housing guide to get a sense of where you'd like to be. Find short profiles of each neighborhood in Ann Arbor from the Observer.

An organization called VeryApt has independently developed a housing guide, which includes information, advice and reviews from fellow learners.

Housing Options
Two people walking outside an apartment building Ann Arbor Housing

The University's Off-Campus Housing site offers options throughout Ann Arbor. Find specifics on early lease ordinance and mandatory lease clauses, as well as details on how to find a roommate. Many local realty companies also list rental properties.

For medical students, Phi Rho Sigma and Phi Chi offer co-ed living as part of a medical society. Munger Graduate Residence is another great option to check out. 

Apartment interior with yellow chair Housing Costs

U-M Housing provides graduate housing rates, or you can review articles on cost of living estimates. Check out these Ann Arbor housing stats, and review the guideline budget for med students, and the stipend and benefits for PIBS students. Get an idea of how much off-campus housing costs, or calculate costs for relocation to Ann Arbor.

Person in yellow riding a bike downtown Outside Ann Arbor

Some people choose to live in nearby communities such as Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, Plymouth or Canton.

The Ann Arbor city buses, known as Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority or TheRide, connect Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, though you'll want to budget extra time for getting back and forth.

kids in classroom playing School Districts

School choice is an option in Ann Arbor, with public, charter and private schools available. Learn more about other nearby school districts located within Washtenaw CountyWayne County and Livingston County.

Family Housing
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In addition to family-friendly campus housing like Northwood, other options include buying or renting homes around Ann Arbor or in nearby communities, such as Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea and Plymouth/Canton.

For more information on family resources like support, childcare and job hunting, see Partners & Families.