Students with Disabilities
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Commitment to Support

We are committed to supporting students in navigating barriers they encounter in medical school that are caused by disabilities.

UMMS Commitment to Support Students with Disabilities

The University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) is committed to supporting students in navigating barriers they encounter in medical school that are caused by disabilities -- whether that disability pre-existed, develops while at school, or is recognized for the first time during your time here. To receive accommodations, it is important to reach out to the Learning & Accessibility team to engage in the interactive, iterative process to explore reasonable and appropriate accommodations. This iterative process includes the uniting of curriculum, student and coordinating with the applicable UMMS faculty and staff. Your partnership is vital in the iterative process of uniting curriculum, determining barriers, and appropriate accommodations.


JT Sangsland, MEd
Manager of Learning & Accessibility Services
[email protected]

Jensen Whitmore
Learning & Accessibility Services Specialist
[email protected]


Through the dedicated teamwork of the UMMS staff, faculty, and community, we have a history of developing solutions to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities to meet Technical Standards.

We encourage you to feel comfortable contacting our Learning and Disability team for a private discussion about barriers related to disability that you encounter in medical school.

Applying For Accommodations

Once accepted by UMMS, it is important to set up an appointment, using the contact information above, to speak with someone on the Learning & Accessibility team to begin our interactive, iterative process for applying for and exploring accommodations. At or prior to this meeting, you will be asked to provide documentation of your disability. The Learning & Accessibility team will work with you, and applicable UMMS staff and faculty, to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations during the course of your medical school journey.

Accommodations are NOT provided retroactively. It is your responsibility to notify the Learning & Accessibility team of any needs that arise.

Assessing And Diagnosing Learning Disabilities

Occasionally while at UMMS, students notice that they learn differently than their peers and realize that this has been a life-long pattern in many academic environments. UMMS can help students locate providers who perform formal assessments to identify learning disabilities. The results of the assessment often bring great relief and self-actualization of skills and challenges experienced over a lifetime. The post-assessment report also provides a basis to develop and experience appropriate accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Part of the iterative process is revisiting approved accommodations ahead of transitions in the curriculum. It is important that if you believe you will need accommodations in the clinical settings you reach out to the Learning & Accessibility team, to determine reasonable accommodations in collaboration with program directors. The Learning & Accessibility team’s contact information can be found at the top of the page.

Yes. The Learning & Accessibility team is a key partner in applying for accommodations on USMLE Exams. To ensure sufficient time to develop and submit requests, please reach out to the team at least 4 months prior to submission.

Yes. Students that have sustained a temporary injury can meet with the Learning & Accessibility team to discuss appropriate, temporary accommodations and the duration that they will be needed.

Please reach out! Whether you are prospective, recently admitted, or a current student, the Learning & Accessibility team is here and are happy to meet to discuss any questions or concerns.