Paths of Excellence: Scientific Discovery
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Prepare for a Medical Research Career

This Path of Excellence promotes research experiences that support long term student-faculty mentored relationships.

Better Foundation

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Consider this path if:

  • You are infinitely curious and want to get involved to answer big questions
  • You would like to leverage the resources of a leading research institution
  • You are interested in pursuing a career in academic research
  • You want to work with leaders in their fields who are excited to mentor students

The Scientific Discovery Path of Excellence prepares students to pursue a career in medical research. Students are exposed to advanced concepts in clinical and basic science research and have access to high quality and intensive research opportunities. This Path promotes research experiences that support long-term student-faculty mentored relationships.

Through this Path, students learn to:

  • Understand the different types of research that physicians may undertake in their careers, including basic science, clinical, translational, educational and outcomes research
  • Value the role research can play in a physician’s career
  • Perform and present high-quality research
  • Learn the steps of the pathway to becoming a physician scientist


Med students are encouraged to join this Path in the winter of M1 year, or at the beginning of M3 year. The initial focus of the Path is the selection of a research mentor and project. Students then have dedicated time during the curriculum to plan, undertake and discuss progress in their research projects. Research projects may qualify to fulfill the Capstone for Impact graduation requirement.

The Path helps each student build the necessary communication skills to be able to present science to their faculty and peers. Presenting at national scientific meetings is encouraged, as is publication of research projects.