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More than just an MD and PhD spliced together, the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) offers comprehensive support and guidance, integrating academic excellence and flexibility to help you reach your career goals.

About the MSTP
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Flexibility & Support

Many aspects of our program are flexible to meet individual needs, including the timing of the transitions from the MD phase to the PhD phase and back. At every stage of your MSTP, you will find faculty, staff and peers by and on your side through formal and informal mentoring and guidance.

PhD Variety

Choose from traditional bioscience fields like cellular and molecular biology, or less traditional options like anthropology or history — we’re open to a variety of connections between medical research and a PhD that interests you. Since 1979, our graduates have enjoyed success in residency placements and outstanding careers in more than 20 fields.


The U-M Medical Scientist Training Program brings together the innovative excellence of our medical school and a diverse selection of top-ranked graduate programs.


The MSTP office provides assistance and academic support to the MSTP students. Our doors are always open!


At the U-M Medical School MSTP, we take great care in admitting the people we do, and we look forward to getting to know you.


The Medical School's curriculum maximizes learning in a clinical context, while the timing of the PhD is optimized to make the transitions smooth.

Find Your Fit

Joining the Medical Scientist Training Program at Michigan means more than just pursuing an MD and PhD simultaneously.

With a variety of social and academic activities ranging from monthly seminars and fellow-run journal clubs to career development discussion groups and annual off-site retreats, we create a collegial environment where our fellows can be happy and successful.

Students share their stories of working in research labs and facilities across campus and in the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Michigan.

We prepare a diverse group of exceptional physician scientist trainees to discover new knowledge, improve human health, and lead the way into the future of academic medicine."

Kathleen L. Collins, MD, PhD
MSTP Director
Office for Physician Scientist Education & Training

The University of Michigan Medical School is committed to supporting physician scientists at all stages of their career. Our office provides programming and support throughout undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral education.

UM-Smart Undergraduate Summer Research Program

UM-SMART is a program for those interested in obtaining a combined MD/PhD degree leading to a career in academic medicine as a physician-scientist.

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The Michigan MSTP is a unique experience beyond just a simple pairing up of MD and PhD degrees. See what graduates have been up to over the past several years.

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If you are interested in a career as a physician scientist with a primary focus on performing medically related research, then a combined MD/PhD program may be right for you.

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