Health & Wellness
Workforce Well-Being

One of the advantages of training in a world-class health system is that you and your loved ones have access to expert care and robust services to fit your needs.

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Health & Wellness

The University of Michigan offers a range of health and wellness services and activities. As a member of our community, you and your dependents may be eligible for health care coverage. The Michigan Medicine Office of Well-Being has numerous resources and programs for workforce well-being. If you're looking for ideas on recreational activities, arts and culture, places to eat, or even regional trips around the area, check out Things to Do in Ann Arbor and choose your destination!

Health isn't just physical, it's mental too. There are many resources on campus to support you and your loved ones. Visit our Mental Health Services page for services to support your healthiest, happiest you.

Health Services

Find resources for support in your academic and professional success, from basic needs to disability accommodations.

Mental Health Services

Access to counseling and psychological services, peer support, mental health toolkits, plus veteran and military services.

Support for Learners

The Office of Well-Being strives to reduce the barriers to accessing professional mental health services and improve the mental health and well-being of medical students, residents and graduate students. The collaboration provides a number of innovative resources and programs addressing the well-being challenges of learners.

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Health and Wellness colorful logo Well-Being at U-M

Well-being is a life-long journey. Use the University of Michigan’s model of well-being to find resources and support for every part of your personal well-being.

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    Membership at U-M Recreational Facilities is free for enrolled students and available at a discounted price for faculty and staff. Find anything from team sports to in-person and virtual exercise and relaxation classes.

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  • News & Stories Illustration in red and pink hues of a teen girl embarrassed she doesn't have money in her wallet for period-related products
    Health Lab
    Despite stigma, many support making menstrual products more accessible, study suggests
    Survey shows many teens and young adults support making menstrual products more accessible to fight "period poverty."
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    Health Lab
    New device can treat injury from sepsis
    The FDA approved the use of a therapeutic device invented and developed at the University of Michigan for use in children with acute kidney injury and sepsis or a septic condition requiring continuous kidney replacement therapy.
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    Health Lab Podcast
    New research highlights preventable deaths for patients undergoing PCI procedures
    Complications during procedures only contributed to death in about 20% of cases.