PhD Program Stipend & Benefits
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Stipend & Benefits

Pursuing vigorous research and expertise

Making Visions a Reality

An institution's funding record speaks volumes about the programs it supports. The University of Michigan has a long history and solid reputation as a leading research center, consistently ranking among the top-funded institutions in the country. Backed by these abundant resources, we are able to vigorously pursue our vision for research at the University, provide state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, equipment and expertise, and support the careers of the many scientists who work and train here.

Student Funding

All of our graduate students who are in good academic standing are supported financially throughout the duration of their graduate studies. Each student receives tuition, an annual stipend of $38,970 and health care benefits. After the PIBS year, students continue to receive the same level of funding and benefits. This support is drawn from a variety of sources, including:

  • Department funds
  • University of Michigan funds
  • Training grants
  • Research grants
  • Individual fellowships


Health Benefits: Gradcare

One of the advantages of training in a world-class health system is that you have personal access to expert care when you need it. As a graduate student, you and your eligible dependents enjoy the same coverage available to our faculty and staff. Get more information on eligibility, coverage and how GradCare works.