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U-M PREP Program Details

U-M PREP accepts up to 11 scholars into the program, which starts July 1 of each year. During the first month of the program, U-M PREP directors will help students match with a faculty mentor whose lab is doing research of interest to them.

More than 150 U-M faculty members are available to mentor U-M PREP scholars for their research training.

In the 2023-24 year U-M PREP scholars will receive a salary of $33,000, a moving stipend of $2,000, health benefits, and dental insurance.

More About U-M PREP

Beyond their work on research projects, U-M PREP scholars have opportunities to participate in activities designed to enhance their preparation for graduate school, such as:

  • A preparation course for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • Social events
  • Seminars and journal clubs
  • Opportunities to enhance their studies with a graduate course in the fall or winter term
  • Opportunities to present research projects and discuss graduate school and career advice with faculty mentors
  • Career development events for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars
  • A MCAT test preparation course for MSTP aspirants
  • Assist with all aspects of the graduate school application process, including:
    • CV Workshop
    • Personal Statement Workshop
    • Research Statement Workshop
    • Elevator Pitch Practice
    • Mock Interviews
Our Team
Ben Allen Benjamin Allen, PhD
Nils G. Walter Nils G. Walter, PhD
Associate Director
Katharine Barald Headshot Katharine F. Barald, PhD
Associate Director
Chris Pineda Headshot Chris Pineda
Assistant Program Administrator
Reginald Hammond Headshot Reginald Hammond Jr., MA
Program Manager
Helen McDowell Headshot Helen McDowell, MA
Program Coordinator
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