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MD Program Scholarships & Grants

There is no separate application to apply for U-M scholarships and grants. By submitting your FAFSA and UMMS Financial Aid application, we will consider your eligibility for these programs. Your financial situation and your need level is important to us. UMMS practices need-blind admissions, and we work hard to make sure medical school is affordable to all students.

Scholarships range from a few hundred dollars to full tuition and housing. This type of funding does not have to be repaid. Applicants will learn about scholarship opportunities during their Admissions interview.

Dean’s scholarships are awarded to candidates with outstanding potential for leadership in academic medicine. This award offers funding for all four years of medical school plus funding to cover the cost of an additional/dual degree year at a University of Michigan graduate school.

Other types of scholarships, including department- and donor-sponsored, may be awarded based on financial need, demographic factors and/or an excellent evaluation by the Admissions Committee. About one-half of our entering students receive some type of scholarship.

We also offer need-based grant funds. We’ll consider your eligibility for these based on the information you submit on the FAFSA and UMMS Financial Aid application. Need-based grants do not have to be repaid.

You can also search for and apply for scholarships offered beyond the University of Michigan.

Scholarship Tips

The more scholarship dollars you receive, the less you’ll have to borrow in loans, so it’s worth it to explore other ways to fund your medical education beyond what is available at U-M.

  • Apply for all relevant opportunities
  • Adhere strictly to guidelines for each application
  • Provide supporting documents before deadlines
  • Adhere to deadlines and pay attention to applications with multiple deadlines for different portions of the application.
  • Make sure you have quick access to secure transcripts from your previous schools.
  • Unions

  • Employers with scholarship programs for employees or their families
  • Department or retail stores
  • Local churches
  • Multicultural associations
  • Local civic organizations
  • Agencies administering programs for veterans and their children
  • Community organizations
  • Local county medical society associations
External Scholarships

The following are external, non-University scholarship opportunities that may be of interest to University/College students. Inclusion of an external scholarship opportunity is intended only as a resource for students and does not express or imply any University involvement with, or endorsement of, the external program. Check back often for new outside scholarships! (Updated 12/14/2022)

Deadline: January 17, 2024

The Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship program distributes $10,000 in tuition assistance scholarships to medical students approaching their final year of school. With 12 scholarship categories and a variety of focus areas, including serving those underrepresented in medicine, the AMA Foundation works to recognize a diverse cohort of medical students each year. All students may apply for the Physicians of Tomorrow scholarships, regardless of AMA membership status.

For details on scholarship categories, their ciriteria and application, please see the AMA Foundations website.

Deadline: May 1, 2023

The Pisacano Leadership Foundation (PLF) seeks to advance family medicine by providing well-educated, community-minded leaders in primary care. By aiding students who demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to family medicine, scholarship, leadership, character, interpersonal skills, and community service, the PLF will promote the development of the future leaders in the specialty. The program is designed to provide educational programs, leadership training, and funding to reimburse a portion of medical-school-related debt. Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding medical students for a four-year period. Students who have made a commitment to the field of family medicine and who will enter their fourth year in medical school in the fall of 2023 may apply. The PLF will award up to 10 scholarships with a maximum value of $28,000 each for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Deadline: January 15, 2023

Society of Hospital Medicine believes a diverse hospital medicine workforce is important to eliminating health disparities and delivering excellent care for all hospitalized patients. We are proud to announce that SHM’s 2nd annual Hospital Medicine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship is now accepting nominations. This scholarship is made possible through the generous support of our Keystone Sponsor, Vituity. SHM will award a $25,000 medical education scholarship to a third-year medical student from an underrepresented group in medicine who has demonstrated an interest in pursuing a career in hospital medicine as well as a commitment to health equity and improving care for underserved communities. Students may self-nominate and apply, or a medical school may nominate one student per year for this award.

Deadline: Open

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) just recently initiated a new program called the Specialty Education Loan Repayment Program (SELRP). SELRP is only available to final year medical students who have MATCHED to a residency and physicians in a residency/fellowship program. SELRP will pay a resident $40,000 for each year while in a residency or fellowship (Maximum 4 years for as total of = $160,000) to apply to the physicians medical school student loan debt. This tax free money cannot be used for any other student loan debt outside of medical school (MD/DO). In return the physician comes to work for the VA in the specialty for which they were trained for a minimum of 2 years (Maximum 4 years).

Deadline: Varies

NMF announced several new and current scholarships that are open to apply starting today for underrepresented minority medical students who are enrolled in an accredited medical school program. Two scholarships are specific to the state of Michigan and are listed below.

  • Michigan Scholarship Fund
  • NMF Fitzbutler-Jones Alumni Society of the University of Michigan Scholarship Fund

Please check their website to learn scholarship information and each scholarship’s eligibility and requirements.

Deadline: Open

Medical School Scholarships for future and current medical school students, the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) offers two-, three- and four-year military scholarships. The HPSP covers civilian medical school tuition, pays for fees, provides a monthly living stipend and includes a signing bonus under certain conditions. This scholarship is offered by the Army, Navy and Air Force, and the benefits are the same across all three Services. For those who hope to apply to HPSP, selection boards tend to look at all aspects of a person's application — leadership, extracurricular activities, fitness, grades and scores — so they can determine who will succeed in both medical school and the Military.

Deadline: Varies

Numerous scholarships available to medical students with varied criteria. See their website for more information.

Deadline: Sept. 30, December 31, March 31, June30

The OppU Achievers Scholarship celebrates achievement in its many forms and honors those who create opportunity for themselves and others. Founded in 2016, the scholarship provides $2,500 for current or future education costs. Scholarship selections are made four times a year. Annually, the OppU Achievers Scholarship awards a total of $10,000 to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement.

Deadline: Varies

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) offers a scholarship program for medical students, the Students to Service (S2S) Loan Repayment Program for students in their last year of medical school, federal and state Loan Repayment Programs (LRP), and a new Substance Use Disorder Workforce LRP. All programs are intended to help physicians, or soon to be physicians, with the cost and debt they incur from pursuing a medical career.