PhD Program Professional Development
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Enhance Your Skills

Training leaders who will challenge the present and enrich the future.

Supporting Your Journey

The Career & Professional Development team supports trainees throughout their career exploration and professional development journey.

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We embrace the University of Michigan’s vision of developing “leaders who will challenge the present and enrich the future“, and follow an interdisciplinary approach toward our program and resource development. Our model uses a rigorous and tailored approach in our intentionally planned programs to meet the needs of our graduate, postdoctoral, and post-baccalaureate communities. Our programs are intended to empower learners in the eight competency areas using a hands-on approach.

Because of the current diversity in interests, opportunities, and outcomes, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows need to be exposed to many different career paths. We ensure that every member of our academic community can develop the necessary professional skills and use the best resources available to enhance their current training outcomes and to smoothly transition into their chosen career paths.

Our offerings include individual advising, professional development workshops, cohort-based learning, and more.