Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
Supporting Your Academic, Personal & Professional Growth

We provide support, resources and services for all doctoral, masters and post-baccalaureate students, as well as the U-M Medical School postdoctoral fellows. We are committed to becoming a premier student and trainee support service office devoted to the academic success, professional growth and wellness of all our students and trainees.

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About Us

The Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) is a unit under the Medical School's Office of Research. We serve and support the educational mission within the Medical School's research enterprise. We focus on supporting students and postdoctoral fellows so they can focus on the learning and training that allows them to do great science.

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Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
2960 Taubman Health Sciences Library
1135 Catherine Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: 734-647-7005
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Student & Trainee Services
Career & Professional Development

The Career & Professional Development team supports trainees throughout their career exploration and professional development journey.

Because of the current diversity in interests, opportunities and outcomes, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows need to be exposed to many different career paths. We ensure that every member of our academic community can develop the necessary professional skills and use the best resources available to enhance their current training outcomes and to smoothly transition into their chosen career paths.

Our team offers weekly seminars, workshops, and panels to meet trainee needs for academic and professional success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The DEI team provides opportunities for all members of the community to learn and develop in ways that are in keeping with the Medical School's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Trainees in our programs come from all over the world, bringing with them a unique set of identities, values and perspectives. It is our belief that trainee success should not be viewed as independent of personal communities and experiences. We welcome all voices to help continue shaping the best learning environment for all trainees to thrive.

The team plans monthly awareness campaigns, workshops and cultural social events to promote diversity and advance equity and inclusion.

Counseling & Well-Being

The Counseling & Well-Being Program team supports and advocates for the personal well-being of our trainees.

We encourage our trainees, faculty and staff to embrace the concept that thriving in life goes beyond being successful in their studies, research and careers. Personal well-being is a journey, with many aspects to consider. Through a holistic approach that recognizes the many dimensions of wellness, everyone can achieve personal and mindful awareness that is directly connected to thriving, both now and in the future.

Our team offers 1-on-1 counseling sessions and workshops on personal, emotional, family and academic/workplace issues.

Student Organizations

Student organizations also play an important role in connecting trainees with peers and building community.

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Listen in as our students and trainees cover the highlights of what Ann Arbor and the surrounding area has to offer.

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