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Postbac MEDPREP Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about Postbac MEDPREP.

If you have additional questions that are not answered after reviewing the information below, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Premedical post-baccalaureate programs offer structure and support for students to achieve their goals. In Postbac MEDPREP, for example, we have designed a framework with career-changers like you in mind—everything from a dedicated Director and support team, targeted science-intensive coursework, knowledgeable faculty and advisors, and a resource-rich environment to get you where you want to go.

Applications open August 1st. You can submit an application starting mid August through early March. Find out more about our application cycles.

Our curriculum is specially designed for exceptional post-baccalaureate students with little or no science background who would like to apply to medical school. The majority of MEDPREP’s coursework emphasizes scientific material that is considered essential to the foundation of aspiring physicians: biology, physics, chemistry, physiology, and biochemistry. The curriculum also includes guest lecturers and small group discussions on various topics in undergraduate medical education. See our Timeline & Curriculum page for a sample pathway through the program.

Postbac MEDPREP cohorts are targeted for 25-30 students.

Yes! Postbac and other non-traditional students are encouraged to apply to the University of Michigan Medical School. Additionally, MEDPREP is one of a select few postbac programs to have a linkage agreement with the U-M Medical School.

Postbac MEDPREP is competitively priced with structured postbac premed programs across the country. Please see our information on tuition and fees for a more in-depth description of the tuition rates.

You will be busy, but highly engaged with motivated peers in a rewarding, resource-rich setting. Our program is designed to connect you as quickly and effectively as possible to the next step in achieving your dream of becoming a physician. You will enjoy the same amenities as any other student on campus, including access to dedicated advisors and faculty, research mentors, community service opportunities and academic support.

Ann Arbor is a unique community where a myriad cultures converge to create a distinctive dynamic. It’s a great place to visit, and an even better place to live. The city's reputation for comfortable living is backed by a variety of rankings and housing options. Ann Arbor provides endless options for culture, dining, entertainment and sporting events in an accessible, urban environment. For more information on life in Ann Arbor and Michigan Medicine, visit Our Community.

Postbac MEDPREP is intended as a career changing program for individuals who have not taken many science courses. In general, if you have taken more than half of the science requirements for medical school you are not eligible for the program. If you have a question about your suitability for the our program, please open an online application and upload your transcript and resumé. After uploading these materials, request a consultation from a program representative. Please note, you should not “submit” the application (i.e., pay the application fee) prior to requesting a consultation.

If you are not eligible for our program, you may want to look into one of our Master's programs or another post-baccalaureate premedical program more aligned with your skill set.

Most likely no, Postbac MEDPREP is designed to be a program where students are fully engaged in the rigorous/science-intensive curriculum, experiential learning activities, and the University of Michigan community as a whole. While we recognize and appreciate that students have lives outside of the classroom, a large part of our students time will be spent preparing to become the most competitive applicant for medical school admission.

While a 3.5 or above undergraduate GPA is considered competitive for Postbac MEDPREP, we will take into consideration trends in your academic performance, including how you performed in upper level courses as you progressed through your undergraduate studies. Moreover, coursework completed after the completion of a Bachelor's degree, such as a Master's degree or certificate program, are considered extremely relevant in evaluating a candidate's preparedness for Postbac MEDPREP.