MD | PhD Program Application Process
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Double Duty

What you need to know before you apply to the Michigan MSTP.

All MSTP candidates apply through the AMCAS Medical School application process. Our MSTP Operating Committee screens all applications and oversees the rest of the admissions process, including MSTP interviews.

MSTP applications are also reviewed separately by the Medical School Office of Admissions, and applicants must be acceptable to both programs to receive an offer of admission to the MSTP. We encourage all applicants to thoroughly review the MD program requirements when applying.

Social Science, Humanities and Non-Traditional PhD Field Applicants

After preliminary review, the MSTP office may request additional materials from the applicant depending on the requirements of the specific PhD department.

Anthropology Applicants

Applicants interested in pursuing their doctorate work in Anthropology may be asked to provide a “Statement of Purpose” as described on pages two-three of the Anthropology application handbook. The MSTP Office will notify Anthropology applicants if (and when) they should submit this Statement.