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OBGYN Incoming Residents

Thank you for your interest in the OBGYN Residency Program at the University of Michigan Medical School!

Michigan is known for its research and for its immense learning opportunities, but what really drew us to this program are the people. Our co-residents are not only smart and motivated, but incredibly talented, funny, and supportive. They are people that we can turn to in the good times and the bad. They make coming to work enjoyable and hanging out outside of work relaxing. It’s uncommon for a Friday night to pass when we are not eating pizza at one of our co-interns houses or drinking margaritas at Isalita.

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The faculty at Michigan are world-renowned and have welcomed us with open arms. They are paramount to our education and are clearly invested in our success not only as physicians but also as individuals. We think what defines the Michigan experience, however, is the mentorship.

There are those faculty mentors who will help you navigate the trajectory of your professional future and others who are there to provide the support and camaraderie needed to help you thrive under the demands of residency. When you come to Michigan, you are joining a family. And regardless of your future after residency, you will always be part of the Michigan family.

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Some of our graduates pursue additional fellowship training, while others embark directly on successful academic, clinical, and research careers.

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  •  resident group sits together on water fountain. Current Residents

    Our current residents are training to become skilled clinicians and leaders in obstetrics and gynecology. Visit our current resident profiles to learn more.

  • Meet our current residents
  • Life in Ann Arbor

    Living in Ann Arbor is just one of the many perks of residency at the University of Michigan, and you’ll find that the majority of Ann Arbor residents are lifers who have been unable to move away from our favorite college town. Ann Arbor is a culturally diverse town, with great food, and undying love for maize and blue. On days off, we can be found kayaking down the Huron River, skiing up north, relaxing at the lake, or visiting the Detroit Institute of Art downtown. Sports is a year-round experience starting with Michigan college football and continuing with the Detroit Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons.

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