Lakmal Jayasinghe, guest speaker, Indika Rajapakse and Brian Athey stand together
DCMB 2022 Grants

In 2022, U-M Medical School Department of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics ranked #4 in NIH Grants for biomedical science departments.

  • 18 new awards where DCMB Faculty are PI’s: $9,338.111
  • 26 new awards where DCMB are Co-I’s: $58,229.192
  • 8 new awards where DCMB faculty are participating without effort $7,891,868
  • Grand total of 52 new grants involving DCMB Faculty for $75,459,171
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2022 NIH Grants

Alan Boyle, PhD

  • “High-throughput Inverted Reporter Assay for Characterization of Silencers and Enhancer Blockers”
  • “Mobile Element Derived Chromatin Looping Variability in Human Populations”
  • “The Biology of Mutant STAT6 in Follicular Lymphoma” with Dr. Malek, U-M Internal Medicine - Division of Hematology/Oncology
  • “Uncover the Role of H3.3-G343R Mutation in Shaping the DNA Damage Response, Anti-tumor Immunity and Mechanisms of Resistance in Glioma” with Dr. Castro, U-M Rogel Cancer Center


Jie Liu, PhD

  • “Allele-specific Analysis of Human Epigenome, Transcriptome and High-resolution Chromatin Organization”

Stephen CJ Parker, PhD

  • “A consortium-wide modular MPRA resource to assess cellular contexts of T2D variants” with the Broad Institute, MIT and Havard
  • “Determining the Intrinsic and Environmental Signal Contributing to Early T1D Progression” with Cornell University
  • “Expansion of Pancreatias Connectivity Platform and Phenotyping of HANDEL Samples by Cutting-Edge Single Cell Multi-ome Technology” with Vanderbilt University
  • “Proposal for the AMP T2D-GENES Data Coordination Center and Web Portal” with the Broad Institute, MIT and Havard
  • “The Regulation of Hepatic Metabolic Zonation by the Diabetes Gene TCF7L2” with the University of Texas, Health Science Center at San Antonio

Maureen Sartor, PhD

  • “Risk of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias from Perinatal Lead Exposure: Brain Region and Cell Type Effects” with Dr. Bakulski, U-M School of Public Health, Epidemiology

Joshua Welch, PhD

  • “Craniofacial Skeletal Cell Lineage Plasticity for Reconstituting Stem Cells and their Niches” with the University of Texas
  • “Leveraging Spatial Location for Single-Cell Molecular and Morphological Characterization” Student award (F31)
Ranked #4 in NIH Grants

In 2022, DCMB ranked #4 in NIH Grants in Biomedical Science departments.

More Grants

Two NIH Training Grants

  • “Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Training Program (BIDSTP)” - eight funded students per year for five years
    Project Directors: Dr. Ivo Dinov and Dr. Maureen Sartor
  • “Proteogenomics of Cancer Training Program” - seven funded students per year for five years
    Project Director: Dr. Alexey Nesvizhskii

NSF Grant

Dr. Najarian, NSF IUCRC Grant

  • “IUCRC Phase I University of Michigan Ann Arbor: Center for Data-Driven Drug Development and Treatment Assessment (DATA)” with U-M MIDAS

Department of Defense Grant

Dr. Rajapakse

  • “Data-guided Learning and Control of Higher Order Structures”