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DCMB Alumni

The Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics has a big group of enthusiastic alumni. Check out the lists below to view alumni from the past five years, see a map of where they're at now, as well as videos from our 10th Anniversary Symposium and Celebration.

Alumni by Year
Jie CaoPh.D. Program
Rucheng DiaoPh.D. Program
Chao GaoPh.D. Program
Wenjin GuPh.D. Program
Hanrui ZhangMaster's Program
Olivia AlgePh.D. Program
Shriya BajagurAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Christopher CastroPh.D. Program
Chelsea ChenMaster's Program
Laura DavisAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Siyuan DingMaster's Program
Fan FengPh.D. Program
Johanna FleischmanMaster's Program
Zijun GaoPh.D. Program
Elizabeth Gensterblum-MillerMaster's Program
Sejal GunaratnamAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Jonathan HerreraMaster's Program
Allister HoAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
David HuMaster's Program
Gayatri IyerPh.D. Program
Teddy JennaroMaster's Program
Douglas Maldonado-TorresMaster's Program
Sahiti MarellaMaster's Program
Michael Brodie MumphreyPh.D. Program
Brandon NewellMaster's Program
Maribel OkiyeMaster's Program
Robin PearcePh.D. Program
Matthew PunMaster's Program
Julia RosanderMaster's Program
George RoyMaster's Program
Brittany RuppMaster's Program
Kelly Sovacool 
Miriam ShahineMaster's Program
Chen SunPh.D. Program
Logan WalkerMaster's Program
Shuze WangPh.D. Program
Ming-Ching 'Crystal' WenMaster's Program
Lily WinkAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Shaomiao XiaN/A
Li YeMaster's Program
Lishi YinMaster's Program
Zhijian YuMaster's Program
Meiling ZhaoMaster's Program
Nanxiang ZhaoPh.D. Program
Shengchao ZhaoAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Elham AdibMaster's Program
Lila AlakaAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Vincent AlessiMaster's Program
Xin AnAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Eric BellPh.D. Program
Lingrui CaiMaster's Program
Ashley CarrollAccelerated Master’s Degree Program
Elizabeth ChoeMaster's Program
Anthony CicaloMaster's Program
Rene Conway-HeinMaster's Program
Ryan CrawfordPh.D. Program
Gabrielle DotsonPh.D. Program
Marlena DudaPh.D. Program
Haley AmemiyaMaster's Program
Nicole BowersMaster's Program
Murchtricia Charles-JonesPh.D. Program
Negar FarzanehPh.D. Program
Monica Holmes, M.S.Master's Program
Louis JoslynPh.D. Program
Sarah KleppeMaster's Program
Ashna LalwaniMaster's Program
Xiaosu (Shirley) LiuMaster's Program
Yingtong LiuMaster's Program
Vy NguyenPh.D. Program
Edison OngPh.D. Program
Abhijit ParoliaMaster's Program
Narathip ReamaroonPh.D. Program
Shriya SethuramanPh.D. Program
Randy VinceMaster's Program
Brooke WolfordPh.D. Program
Yiying YangMaster's Program
Ricardo D'Oliveira AlbanusPh.D. Program
Joshua BugbeeMaster's Program
Ben ChandlerMaster's Program
Angel ChuMaster's Program
Emily CrossetteMaster's Program
Shuai HuMaster's Program
Jeremy KaplanMaster's Program
Nicholas KunnathMaster's Program
Keyu LiMaster's Program
Yueming LiMaster's Program
Nuha MahmoodMaster's Program
Sierra NishizakiMaster's Program
Taylor NyeMaster's Program
Peter OrchardPh.D. Program
Stephanie TheMaster's Program
Xueqing WangMaster's Program
Yao XiaoMaster's Program
Cynthia ZajacMaster's Program
Anniversary Celebration

In 2022, the department came together to share our passion and enthusiasm for computational medicine and bioinformatics as we celebrated DCMB’s 10th anniversary.

Check out video playlist