SHARE was an NIH-funded behavioral intervention project that represented a collaboration between the University of Michigan and the Diocese of Corpus Christi. SHARE was a primary stroke prevention project which targeted lifestyle change through a culturally-sensitive, faith-based multicomponent intervention.

Churches were randomized to intervention or control groups (who received a delayed intervention) and enrolled in a staggered fashion.

A one-year intervention consisting of self-help materials, motivational interviewing, tailored newsletters and social environmental change were implemented.

The SHARE staff was comprised of neurology professors, physicians, registered nurses and more.

Principal Investigators
Lewis B. Morgenstern Lewis B Morgenstern
Milton and Carolyn Kevreson Research Professor of Neurology
Professor of Neurology
Professor of Neurosurgery
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Professor of Epidemiology
labcoat Devin L Brown, MD, MS
Professor of Neurology
user Kathleen M. Conley, PhD user Lynda D. Lisabeth, PhD, MPH user Kenneth A. Resnicow, PhD user Brisa N. Sánchez, PhD Darin-Bryce-Zahuranec,-MD,-MS.png Darin B Zahuranec, MD, MS
  • Bishop Emeritus Edmond Carmody, DD
  • Mary Welch, RN, PhD
  • Emma Sais, BA
  • Himanshu Pundir, BS
  • Monsignor Mark Chamberlain
  • Rosie Garza, RN
  • Monsignor Michael Heras
  • Teresa Martinez, RN
  • Monsignor Morgan Rowsome
  • Mary Welch, R.N., PhD