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Message from the Neurology Residency Program Director

Welcome to the Neurology Residency Program at the University of Michigan Medical School! This is an exciting time to embark on a career in neurology. Groundbreaking advances in neuroscience have led to diagnostic and therapeutic options that we could not dream of offering our patients even a decade ago. And yet, neurology is one of the last fields of medicine in which the physical examination continues to be an indispensable component of our clinical evaluation. If you've endured torment from your colleagues because you find neurologic localization fun, the University of Michigan Medical School Neurology program may be right for you.

We have a large, distinguished faculty with diverse clinical and research interests. You will find that one of our greatest strengths is the camaraderie and mutual esteem between our faculty and our house officers. Residents are considered professional colleagues who merit the same respect as other professional colleagues. When you're working with friendly, caring faculty, you will find that the challenges of residency are manageable and the rewards immeasurable. The University of Michigan has a long tradition of providing world-class training in clinical neurology. Our foremost ambition is to provide our residents with the experience and the resources to become leaders in the fields of neurologic patient care, scientific investigation and medical education.

At the University of Michigan Medical School, we share a passion for teaching and mentorship, and a commitment to diversity. Our goal is not just to help you develop critical thinking skills in medical decision-making; we also aim to foster the desire to explore areas of interest and ask new questions. Your experience at the University of Michigan Medical School will afford you many opportunities, and prepare you to be an educator and a leader in our health care community.

The bottom line is that this is simply an outstanding place to do your training. The city is great, the people are amazing, and the cookies in the hospital cafeteria are absolutely decadent. We are extremely proud of our training program and our residents. I hope you will visit us and see why!

With warmest regards,
Zach London, MD

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Program Aims
  • Train a diverse cohort of neurologists to be leaders in patient-centered clinical practice, medical education, and advocacy.
  • Provide rich clinical experiences, interactive education conferences, effective mentorship, meaningful research experience, and time for self-directed learning so that trainees can make informed fellowship and career decisions and transition smoothly to their subsequent positions.
  • Graduate confident and conscientious neurologists who practice evidence-based medicine, analyze their own practices for quality assurance, work to improve patient safety, and cultivate an inclusive and equitable work environment.
  • Provide a work environment that promotes diversity and personal growth and provides resources to maintain personal wellness and self-care.
  • Train residents to excel at written and oral communication to enhance patient care in collaboration with other health care professionals.
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