About Neurology
Doctor explains teachings to other residents

Advancing Neurological Treatment & Care

Discover our journey to becoming the neurological cornerstone of Michigan and our focus on a more equitable and wellness-focused tomorrow.

Care, Research & Education with a People-First Approach

Our Mission

We aim to provide outstanding care for patients with diseases affecting the nervous system, advance understanding and treatment of these conditions through research and other scholarly work, and educate the next generation of physicians and scientists in the field.

Supporting, Promoting and Growing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our department is committed to promoting inclusion, diversity, and cultural sensitivity within our program and our community. This important work happens within five sub-committees, focused on change within our department and in the many communities we serve. Together, we organize outreach in underserved communities, provide neurological care to patients with limited access to health services, perform important DEI research, host trainings and discussions, focus on diverse recruitment, and more.

Explore our work in Diversity & Inclusion

Focusing on Wellness

In tandem with the university's commitment to wellness, our department’s wellness committee is working to provide education and initiatives that support healthy lifestyle choices. Specifically, we are focused on strengthening our sense of community, fostering positivity, prioritizing self-care and providing important resources specific to the challenges of our department and field.

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Neurology Internal Website

Resources and information for current Neurology learners and faculty.

Neurology Intranet
Join Our Team

As one of the first neurology departments in the country, we are proud to call the University of Michigan home. We hope you will join us in building our legacy.

Learn more about the team

Turn back time and explore the 100+ year history of our department, from the very beginnings of Neurology studies to the comprehensive organization we represent today. Beginning in 1888, read the details of how the department has evolved with the discipline, including the notable breakthroughs and people along the way.

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Six receive Graduate Medical Education Awards for 2024
Four faculty and two staff members from the departments of Anesthesiology, Neurology, Radiology and Surgery, and the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME), are recipients of GME Awards for 2024
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Addressing fall risks in people with multiple sclerosis
Among people with multiple sclerosis in the United States, more than half experienced at least one fall in a six-month period and approximately one-third of those falls resulted in an injury.
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Chemicals stored in home garages linked to ALS risk
A Michigan Medicine study finds that storing chemicals in a garage at home may associate with an increased risk of ALS.
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Research needed on support for nontraditional caregivers providing care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
A growing number of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias – especially those from diverse backgrounds – receive care from a network of individuals that increasingly includes nontraditional informal caregivers.
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Father’s cancerous brain tumor found weeks after the birth of his daughter
Father’s cancerous brain tumor found weeks after the birth of his daughter
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30 years of insomnia improved in just four weeks
Sleep medicine experts say psychotherapy is the first line treatment for chronic insomnia