Neurology Residents pose for a photo on a group outing hike
Neurology Wellness Committee

Health and well-being is a lifelong journey. The Neurology Department is here to support our faculty and staff in their workplace wellness and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of our wellness committee is to establish and maintain a positive workplace that strengthens personal well-being through education and initiatives that reflect the university’s philosophy that supports healthy lifestyle choices.

We are here to provide our faculty and staff with the tools and resources to have a healthy work-life balance, to challenge their present state of wellness and enrich their future to reach their full potential. More than any other university, we are so much more than the sum of our many excellent parts, and our greatest value is our talented faculty and staff.

Wellness Initiatives

As a wellness committee, we hope to:

  • Provide a more vast compilation of resources that may not be known or easily navigated through current sites
  • Provide information more specifically relevant to our department, determined by feedback from our faculty and staff
  • Increase the sense of community within the department and create a more positive moral among staff
  • Make wellbeing and wellness a more-fun priority amongst the department by encouraging more involvement
Neurology residents pose for a photo ahead of a run