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Neurosurgery Undergraduate & Medical Student Programs

The U-M Medical School Department of Neurosurgery is committed to advancing the frontiers of clinical care, groundbreaking research and exceptional medical education.

Our team of world-class neurosurgeons provides the highest level of patient-centered care, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative surgical techniques to transform the lives of our patients. Our department's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge through pioneering research ensures that our students are at the forefront of the latest developments in the field. Furthermore, our medical education programs provide students with a comprehensive and enriching experience that equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel. Join us in our pursuit of excellence and become a part of the future of neurosurgery at the University of Michigan.


Many undergraduate students would like to shadow our neurosurgical faculty while considering whether to pursue a career in medicine. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate routine requests for shadowing our surgeons.

However, we have established a one-month elective clinical rotation, the Ramnath Student Fellowship, during the summer months by application only. The fellowship is competitively awarded to several students each year. Applications for summer are available starting each January. Please contact Nikki Nilsson at [email protected] or 734-232-6665 for more information.

Pre-Medical School students interested in research opportunities within the Department of Neurosurgery may contact the relevant faculty member for more information.

Medical Students

The Department of Neurosurgery is dedicated to excellence in clinical care, research and medical education. We have multiple opportunities for medical students who wish to learn more about neurological surgery and the nervous system. Jason Heth, MD serves as the Medical Student Clerkship Director and Nikki Nilsson serves as the Medical Student Coordinator.

U-M Medical School M4s can register for a four-week rotation through the Office of Student Programs, pending approval from the Neurosurgery Medical Student Director.

M4s from other medical schools who are interested in a four-week rotation on the Neurosurgery Service may contact Nikki Nilsson (Education Office Coordinator) at 734-232-6665 for more information. Applications are processed through VSAS. Once applications are received, slots are awarded after review by a steering committee.

For U-M M3s, we offer an elective one-week surgical rotation on the Neurosurgery Service during the M3 General Surgery rotation through the Office of Student Programs.

M1s and M2s from U-M Medical School or other U.S. medical schools interested in gaining experience on the Neurosurgery Service should contact Jason Heth, MD, at [email protected] for more information. Please keep in mind that there are limited opportunities for shadowing during these years.

Neurosurgery Interest Group

M1s and M2s who wish to explore a potential career in Neurosurgery are encouraged to participate in the University of Michigan Neurosurgery Interest Group. This group coordinates a series of talks with our neurosurgical faculty on life as a neurosurgeon. There are also sessions with recent medical school graduates who are in their early years as neurosurgery residents. This session provides useful insights and tips about deciding to pursue a career in Neurosurgery.

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We continually work to ensure that our program offers the best possible environment for developing the careers of future leaders of neurosurgical practice and science.

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