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Neurosurgery Resident Wellness

In the U-M Medical School Department of Neurosurgery, it’s important to us that our residents find joy in their work. To provide residents with strategies to prevent burnout and increase self-care, the Neurosurgery Resident Wellness Initiative was launched in 2018. Through this effort, we ensure that we are continuously fostering an engaged and resilient physician workforce.

Resident Wellness Initiative

Because self-care is a vital component of resilience and professionalism, the Department is committed to supporting the physical and mental health of residents. The Resident Wellness Initiative supports activities and endeavors that help boost the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our residents, especially in the following areas:

  • Nutrition and Exercise: We aim to provide healthy snack and meal options, fitness opportunities such as gym memberships, and incentive programming for healthy lifestyles.
  • Well-being and Resilience: We offer tools to identify and manage symptoms of stress and burnout, opportunities for team building and camaraderie (such as the annual neurosurgery softball tournament in New York City and Michigan sporting events for residents and their families), and mindfulness training.
  • Co-curricular Learning: We provide opportunities for supplemental skills such as financial planning, business, leadership, and networking to help our residents feel prepared and confident as they take on the next stage of their professional lives.

The Department’s commitment to resident wellness goes well beyond activities, Dr. Yamaan Saadeh (alumnus) says:

Our department chair, faculty, and mentors model integrity and dedication for us every day, creating a culture of wellness for everyone.”

Generous support from resident alumni and donors throughout the country, garnered through the Resident Wellness Initiative, enables the Department to continue building upon this culture and ensure an enriched resident experience for the next generation of neurosurgeons.

Message from the Chair

Our residents allow us to deliver the absolute best care in the present as well as to contribute to a better tomorrow for our patients through education, research, and innovation. From supporting patient care to leading innovations and scientific breakthroughs, they and their work represents the future promise of neurosurgical excellence.

Our resident colleagues and their contributions represent the jewel of our Department of Neurosurgery. We look forward to the privilege of contributing to their education and development as leaders in Neurosurgery.

Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery
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Resident Life

The University of Michigan Medical School Neurosurgery Residency Program boasts a vibrant and supportive resident life. Residents in the program experience a dynamic blend of rigorous academic training and a nurturing environment that fosters both personal and professional growth.

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