Otolaryngology faculty and trainees in a simulation lab
Apply for Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Residency

The otolaryngology-head and neck surgery residency training program at the University of Michigan Medical School participates in the in the National Resident Matching Program and accepts applications through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Please visit the ERAS website to complete the application for our program. 

Research Track
In addition to four 5-year positions available, there is one 6-year research track position available each year. No additional materials need to be submitted if you are applying for the research track.

It is highly encouraged to submit your application through ERAS by September 27, 2023.

Apply through ERAS
2023-2024 Application Cycle

We will continue to hold virtual interviews for the 2023-2024 recruitment season.

On 02/01/2024 our program’s Rank Order List was finalized and certified. We recognize in-person visits can be beneficial to an applicant as they consider the institutions and cities in which they choose to continue their education and live. To preserve the program-applicant relationship, we pledge to not alter our Rank Order List for the duration of this recruitment cycle, in every circumstance, without exception.

The UM GME Office has been notified and confirmation can be found on the Dates Rank Order Lists Certified posted on the GME Office website under Prospective Residents/Fellows.

Interview Dates

Virtual interviews for the upcoming application cycle will be offered on the following days:

  • December 7, 2023
  • December 8, 2023

Interview dates are subject to change.

Common Interview Offer Date

Our program will participate in the common interview offer timeline recommended by the Otolaryngology Program Directors Organization:

  • All initial interview offers will be released on Thursday, November 9, 2023, between 12-6 p.m. EST.
  • Interview invitations will be limited to the number of interview slots available.
  • Interview scheduling will open on Monday, November 13, 2023, at 12 p.m. EST.

If an applicant declines an interview or there is no response by 12 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 we will extend the invitation to another applicant.

Second Look Event

All applicants who have been invited to interview will be offered the opportunity to attend an in person, non-evaluative second look event. The event will take place on Friday, February 23, 2024. Our rank order list is completed immediately following interviews and will be entered and locked prior to the event. The in-person event will not have any impact on our rank order list. Details of the event will be provided to invited applicants closer to the event date.


Our program will participate in preference signaling for the 2023-2024 match cycle. We plan to include signaling information as one part of a holistic application review during the interview selection process. We will invite those applicants who have clearly demonstrated the ability to excel in our training environment regardless of whether they have signaled our program. For applicants who are judged to be similar in competitiveness, we will give preference to those who have signaled our program.

Once applicants have been invited to interview, signaling data will not be considered in ranking decisions.