Otolaryngology faculty train the simulation lab
DEI in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

The Department of Otolarynoglogy-Head & Neck Surgery has a long history of commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The department’s DEI committee was created in the 1980s by former department chair, Dr. Charles J. Krause (1977-1992).

Our DEI Committee

The goal of the committee is to have a safe space to share personal experiences, educational resources and DEI initiatives to help combat racism, support health equity and inclusion within the otolaryngology community. In addition to the monthly meeting, the committee also hosts a monthly “lunch and learn” for the whole department that features a wide range of DEI-related topics and presentations.

Health Equity Visiting Clerkship Program

Sponsored by the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion, the Health Equity Visiting Clerkship is a 4-week experience for M3 and M4 students to rotate in various specialties with the aim to diversify the pipeline and develop leadership skills to advance diversity, health equity and inclusion. To support this program, the department contributes funds to the stipend that each student who rotates in otolaryngology receives from the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion.

To learn more about this program and additional education and funding opportunities available from the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion, visit the OHEI website.