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Anesthesiology Intern Year

Our intern year is comprised of a comprehensive, robust curriculum focusing on critical care medicine, surgical and medical specialties, emergency medicine, pain medicine, and research.

The year concludes with an Anesthesiology orientation rotation where interns are paired 1:1 with an anesthesia resident in the operating rooms under direct faculty supervision called boot camp.


The internship year is divided into 13 blocks, with each rotation lasting four weeks. It is worth noting that our interns spend nearly half the year working alongside our anesthesia residents and faculty.

Regarding internship call, transplant, vascular, and SICU have overnight call (C) that averages every 4th to 5th night, while neurosurgery and CVICU use a night float system (NF). There is no overnight work on the other rotations. Michigan’s intern orientation takes place over the last two weeks of June as the start of your employment and includes universal unconscious bias training and resident as teacher education.

    • General Medicine
    • Cardiology
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Neurosurgery (NF)
    • Otolaryngology
    • Transplant (C)
    • Vascular (C)
    • CVICU (NF)
    • SICU (C)
    • Pain Clinic
    • Research
    • CLIME
    • Boot Camp
    Growing Connections

    To facilitate ongoing connections to the Department of Anesthesiology throughout the year, we have two longitudinal education programs specifically for anesthesia interns that occur every block, so there’s an opportunity for intern engagement with each other and our faculty every two weeks. This occurs through Project GROW, our intern wellness program, and also monthly simulation sessions. Interns rotate with half of their anesthesia class during CLIME and Boot Camp, so this also creates many deep connections during these shared experiences.

    Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Block 6 Block 7 Block 8 Block 9 Block 10 Block 11 Block 12 Block 13
    Project Grow & Simulation Sessions CLIME Boot Camp


    CLIME Towards Better Patient Care

    Our innovative rotation called CLIME Towards Better Patient Care precedes and complements the bootcamp rotation. CLIME focuses on principles of professional identity formation by integrating sessions for:

    Communication and Cultural Humility

    CLIME also has foundational anesthesia knowledge incorporated through didactics and simulation workshops but is not a clinical anesthesia rotation. Your first clinical anesthesia rotation is boot camp, which is the finale to your internship and prepares you for entrustable care of an OR patient as a CA1 without constant direct supervision.

    Our goal is for our interns to form close collegial relationships with our surgical and medical colleagues that will be paramount when transitioning to the operating room setting and provide an in-depth, well-rounded, educational experience that encompasses important patient care principles and skills that are essential to becoming a more confident, well-rounded anesthesiology resident and, eventually, an outstanding anesthesiologist.