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Train Where It All Began

Founded in 1891, Michigan Pharmacology was the first department of its kind in the United States. In our 130+ year history, we have awarded the largest number of PhDs in Pharmacology.

Welcome to Pharmacology

Pharmacology synthesizes the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, and pathology to create a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating disease. As one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding areas of biomedical research, Pharmacology directly impacts public health through the discovery of new medicines. 

Our mission is to train the next generation of pharmacologists for careers in academia, government, biotech, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as emerging novel careers in which their deep knowledge and expertise provide value. 

Our alumni have led the field as pharmaceutical company executives, research directors, senior scientists, directors of government research laboratories, and academic faculty, chairs, deans, and college presidents.

To accomplish our mission, we provide a rigorous but supportive learning environment where trainees receive individual mentorship, career development and placement advice, real world experience, and role models of work-life integration from outstanding faculty and alumni.

The breadth and depth of our synergistic research and training missions are extraordinary. Our diverse group of outstanding faculty partners with trainees to advance new knowledge. This collaboration is key to developing novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of disease within diverse populations.

Education & Training Programs
PhD Program

Focus on specialized aspects of Pharmacology in a world-class laboratory.

Master's Program

This flexible, 1-year program is designed to benefit your future career through coursework and optional laboratory research.

Pharmacological Sciences Training Program

Graduates of this NIH-funded T32 excel as leaders in experimental therapeutics.

Biology of Drug Abuse Training Program

PhD and MD postdoctoral fellows train together in state-of-the-art approaches for studying mechanisms underlying the abuse of psychoactive drugs.

Undergrad Summer Research Program

Two summer programs offer a 10-week research experience for undergraduate students

Translational Research Education Certificate

The TREC program provides students with an overview of the principles of translational research.

Student Life & Resources

There are so many ways we support our students and help them to be successful. From professional development to parenthood to disability accommodation, we’re here to help. Find information, funding and programs to help you live and learn at U-M in our Student Life & Resources section.

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I could not be more grateful for my training at Michigan Pharmacology. The foundational principles we were taught in our classes overlap perfectly with the knowledge I need to thrive in my current role in Toxicology at Eli Lilly. While successfuly navigating a very challenging and comeptitive job market, there were many times I said to myself "I am so thankful I earned my Ph.D. from Michigan Pharmacology." #TheMichiganDifference

Chiamaka Ukachukwu, PhD 2023
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The Department of Pharmacology invites you to attend the Osawaffles party on Friday, February 23.
Pharmacology 646 Student Seminars: Tingzhen Shen
Pharmacology 646 Student Seminars: Tingzhen Shen
Pharmacology Seminar Series - Carolyn Fairbanks, PhD
Talk title: Agmatine-Based Therapeutics for the Treatment of Chronic Pain and Opioid Addiction
Carolyn Fairbanks
Pharmacology 646 Student Seminars: Behirda Karaj
Pharmacology 646 Student Seminars: Behirda Karaj
Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Juan Valentin-Goyco
Join the Department of Pharmacology for a doctoral dissertation defense with Juan Valentin-Goyco.
Pharmacology 646 Student Seminars: Jun Zhou
Pharmacology 646 Student Seminars: Jun Zhou
Pharmacology PSTP Symposium 2024
The Pharmacology PSTP Symposium 2024 is open to active faculty, staff and students.
2024 Pharmacological Sciences & Bio-related Chemistry Symposium
The Department of Pharmacology will host the 2024 Pharmacological Sciences & Bio-related Chemistry Symposium on March 22.
Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Robert Goldsmith
Join the Department of Pharmacology for a doctoral dissertation defense with Robert Goldsmith.
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Department News
Elizabeth Jaeckel has paper featured in the Journal of Neuroscience
Elizabeth Jaeckel's (Birdsong Lab) paper, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, was chosen to be a featured article.
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Health Lab
Ketamine helped many severely depressed veterans, study shows
Intravenous (IV) ketamine helped relieve the depression symptoms of half of the veterans who received it at VA hospitals.
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Two genes linked to autism implicated in brain cell connectivity
A new study links two autism-associated genes together for the first time, potentially revealing a mechanism behind brain changes seen in people with autism.
Department News
Catherine Demery-Poulos and Krista Goerger join the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
Catherine Demery-Poulos and Krista Goerger have joined the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.
Department News
David Jones receives Elizabeth Caroline Crosby Grant
David Jones, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, has been awarded the Elizabeth Caroline Crosby Grant.
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Health Lab
Surgery patients now less likely to get opioids – but decline has slowed
Opioid painkillers prescribed by surgeons have gone down in recent years but the decline has slowed since the pandemic