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Join the ranks of leading scientific researchers in a diverse quest to understand biological phenomena in molecular detail.

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United on a Journey of Discovery

The U-M Medical School Department of Biological Chemistry is dedicated to advancing the molecular understanding of biological processes. We do that through research, in tandem with teaching and training undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and medical students. 

We want our whole community to have every opportunity to thrive. That means a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our ranks. Because the most innovative and impactful discoveries are born from all of our unique perspectives, tackling challenges together. 

Explore our rich history, recent news, current events, educational programs, inclusion opportunities and the cutting-edge work underway in our laboratories. 

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  • 2023 Biological Chemistry Trainee Award Winners list
    Spotlight On
    Winners of the 2023 Biological Chemistry Trainee Awards

    These are challenging times, but the potential and need for progress in fundamental science have never been greater.

    Department of Biological Chemistry Chair
    Chair Phyllis Hanson seated and smiling in a laboratory
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    Dr. Susan Shao, Harvard Medical School
    Join the Department of Biological Chemistry for a seminar presented by Dr. Susan Shao from Harvard Medical School.
    4th Year Graduate Student Seminar - Natalia Ubilla
    The Department of Biological Chemistry hosts a seminar by 4th year graduate student Natalia Ubilla.
    2024 MS Program Symposium
    Join the Department of Biological Chemistry for research presentations by our graduating MS students.
    4th Year Graduate Student Seminar - Zoe Yeoh
    The Department of Biological Chemistry hosts a seminar by 4th year graduate student Zoe Yeoh.
    Dr. Tobias Walther, Sloan Kettering Institute
    Join the Department of Biological Chemistry for the William E.M. Lands Lecture presented by Dr. Tobias Walther from Sloan Kettering Institute.
    Biological Chemistry News & STORIES See all news Close up image of red blood cells moving through veins
    Health Lab
    Discovery reveals how this common stinky gas is processed to promote blood vessel growth
    A new collaborative study, examined the interaction between three naturally occurring gases — nitric oxide (NO), oxygen, and H2S — during generation of new blood vessels, called angiogenesis.
    Cutaway view of an self-assembling protein nanocompartment
    Department News
    The Giessen lab publishes a research article in Nature Communications
    The Giessen lab publishes a research article in Nature Communications.
    Department News
    The Banerjee lab publishes three new papers
    An article about a program to promote faculty diversity co-authored by Ruma Banerjee and two research articles by Banerjee lab members and their U-M collaborators have come into view this week.
    News Release
    U-M researchers receive Chan Zuckerberg Initiative awards to study neurodegeneration
    Six University of Michigan researchers recently received collaborative pair pilot project awards from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to study neuroscience and neurodegenerative disease.
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    Department News
    Yan Zhang, PhD, receives a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation
    Assistant Professor Yan Zhang of the Department of Biological Chemistry at U-M Medical School is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award.
    Schematic of Hrd1 proteoliposome immobilization
    Department News
    PhD student Basila Moochickal Assainar publishes a research article in Nature Communications
    PhD student Basila Moochickal Assainar is the first author of a research article in Nature Communications.

    Every dollar donated helps us to continue making breakthroughs as a national leader in biochemical research. There are so many ways your financial gifts help to support our work, from bringing world-class lectures to campus to enabling graduate student innovation and providing resources that take our faculty research programs to the next level. Donated funds are an essential foundation of our mission and community.

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