Managing Your Finances
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Taking Charge

The team at U-M Medical School Financial Aid is here to help you make smart, informed decisions about your financial future.

Financial Wellness Seminars

While you’re at U-M Medical School, you’re also invited to attend free seminars throughout the year on Financial Wellness.

We cover such topics as:

  • How to prepare your taxes
  • How to manage medical school debt
  • How to understand your credit report
  • How to get started with investing and building your future savings

If you can’t attend a seminar, watch for a video of it on this page. Let us know what topics you’re interested in for future sessions!

The Financial Aid Office recently hosted Chad Whipple, Certified Financial Planner for a Financial Wellness event. During this session, Mr. Whipple discussed financial planning and the basics for medical professionals. Topics covered included student loans and the different repayment options, budgeting rules of thumb, guide to buying your first home, and the building blocks of investing and retirement planning. The aim of this session was to help medical students feel more prepared for life after graduation.

Presentation Materials

Financial Aid Office Services

The central University of Michigan Financial Aid Office provides general information for students about the basics of paying for college, including planning tools and calculators.