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Biological Chemistry Leadership & Administration

Our mission is to promote, support and continue building an inclusive and richly collaborative community that prioritizes both transformative science and training the next generation of scientific leaders.

Meet the Leadership Team
Phyllis Hanson, MD, PhD Phyllis Hanson, MD, PhD
Patrick O'Brien, PhD Patrick O’Brien, PhD
Associate Chair for Research and Faculty Affairs
Anne Vojtek, PhD Anne Vojtek, PhD
Associate Chair for Education and Training
Beth Brant Beth Brant
Chief Department Administrator
Meet the Admin Team
prasanna barrage profile Prasanna Baragi
Grants & Contracts Manager
Beth Goodwin profile Beth Goodwin
Student Affairs Program Manager
Graduate Programs & Curriculum
Mary grapp Mary Grapp
Finance Manager
Amanda Howard's profile Amanda Howard
Executive Assistant to the Chair
Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum
biochem-dawn-krause-profile.jpg Dawn Krause
Research Administrator Lead
Lisa vanMeerBeeck Lisa VanMeerbeeck
Human Resources Manager
Elizabeth Wyatt's headshot Elizabeth Wyatt
Grants & Contracts Manager