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Extra Help for Current MD Program Students

MD Student Resources

The University of Michigan Medical School has limited funds available for special financial needs of students, over and above the standard budgeted expenses. Students may apply to the MD Emergency Student Aid Fund to assist with emergency expenses such as uninsured medical and dental expenses, emergency travel costs, and emergency car repairs. The MD Travel Grant is intended to assist students with the cost of traveling to attend a conference where the student is presenting original research. Students may also apply to this fund to help with costs associated with an approved away rotation.

HOST program

Traveling for residency interviews, away rotations or conferences? Visit the HOST Website to put in a request to stay with an alum to help save on travel expenses. We have a large network of alums who would love to open their homes to our medical students.

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Short-term University Loan

The University Loan program provides funds to help pay for unexpected expenses related to your education. These loans must be repaid within 90 days.

M.D. Emergency Student Aid Fund

This fund is available to assist students with financial emergencies that fall outside of our standard guideline budget, such as uninsured medical expenses, emergency childcare, and emergency travel costs, or repairs.

Child Care Subsidy

This program provides funds to help students pay for licensed day care for their children.

M.D. Travel Grant

This grant is intended to assist students with the cost of traveling to attend a medical conference where presenting original research or to participate in an individually arranged away elective rotation.

Residency Interviewing Loans and Resources

As a senior medical student, you are eligible to borrow a loan for interviewing expenses. See details on the terms and requirements of the University Loan Fund.

Also find information on the H.O.S.T. program, where alumni across the country volunteer to provide a place to stay during the residency interview process.