MD Emergency Student Aid Fund
Overhead shot of students sitting at a lounge table

MD Emergency Student Aid Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our thoughtful donors, this fund is available to assist students with financial emergencies that fall outside of our standard guideline budget. Emergency expenses such as uninsured medical and dental expenses, emergency travel costs, emergency childcare and emergency car repairs can be considered. This fund is limited; funding parameters have been set in such a way that the most students possible can benefit. 

To be considered, students must first have submitted a financial aid application for the year in which funds are being requested and have exhausted all financial resources, including loans. Receipts are required. When applying for help with emergency car repairs, the car must be registered in the student's name. A copy of the most recent car registration is required along with the application.

Applications should be submitted with all appropriate documentation in PDF file format to [email protected] with M.D. Emergency Student Aid Fund in the subject line. Applicants will be notified of decisions by email.

Any questions, comments or concerns relating to the M.D. Emergency Student Aid Fund should be directed to the Medical School Financial Aid Office at [email protected].

MD Emergency Student Aid Fund Application