Culture of Discovery

In the lab or in the clinic, University of Michigan Medical School researchers are behind many of the most important innovations of our times across the realm of cutting-edge science ranging from COVID-19 to health policy to vascular diseases and more.

We are committed to our mission of uncovering the knowledge that leads to new insights, ultimately impacting patients and their families. Together we will ...

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Make the Unknown Known
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At $1.72 billion, the University of Michigan is the top public university in research spending in the United States. Our metrics show that over half a billion of that is awarded each year to the Medical School, supporting our many research strengths.

Imagine what it would be like to conduct research at the laboratory bench, in the clinic, or with the community as part of our world-renowned Medical School, facilitated by the departments, centers, and institutes and our Office of Research. Students and trainees have the opportunity for mentorship from research faculty who are experts in their fields and can help you open doors to a lifetime of discovery.

Collaborate Across the Spectrum, Helping Patients Benefit from Innovation

Join colleagues across campus as we take on COVID-19 and other diseases with clinical trials,  and take advantage of the many resources available through the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research, home of our NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award.

Or turn to Fast Forward Medical Innovation to nurture a new therapeutic or technology, working with internal and external commercialization mentors to get your idea to market where it can make the biggest impact.

Tap Into an Internationally Known Research Enterprise

Every day students, faculty, and staff are working together in our state-of-the-art research facilities across campus. The Medical School Office of Research builds key infrastructure and facilitates many of the activities to support our premier research enterprise, including our world-renowned Biomedical Research Core Facilities.

If you’re new to research, you can take advantage of mentoring programs like our R01 Boot Camp, and whatever your career stage, team members from the Faculty Affairs and Development Office will work with you to enhance your professional and personal life. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find that the “leaders and best” are available to help make your research a success.

Explore Options and Find the Best Career Path

Graduate students and postdocs play a key role in biomedical research. From career development to funding to housing and quality of life, our Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will help you find the research training opportunities that will not only help you succeed here at U-M, but on your path to the future, as well.