About Orthopaedic Surgery
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Specialty Musculoskeletal Care Since 1873

It’s our honor and privilege to care for patients throughout their entire lifespan, improving their quality of life and supporting any musculoskeletal challenge along the way.

Our Foundations of Excellence


Leading advances in musculoskeletal health for all through excellence and innovative patient care, scientific discovery and dedicated teaching


A leader in transforming the future of musculoskeletal healthcare with excellence and equity of treatment, advancement of quality research innovation, and dedication to education

Our Values

What We Do

Orthopaedic surgery is one of the most exciting and dynamic medical specialties today: maintaining or restoring musculoskeletal function

Orthopaedists interact with patients throughout their lives, from pediatrics to geriatrics and in between. From minor fractures or sprains to life-saving cancer surgery, our unique position allows us to impact a patient’s quality of life, their whole life long. 

Top-Notch Education

Our orthopaedic surgery residency program is an ACGME-approved, 5-year program covering musculoskeletal medicine and surgery. Residents become competent, well-educated orthopaedic surgeons with ample opportunities for clinical medicine, surgery, research, personal growth and leadership.

The department’s acclaimed training programs attract the best and brightest medical students, residents, and fellows from Michigan, the country, and the world. Those trainees learn at the forefront of medicine and help us to provide cutting-edge care using the most recent and advanced technologies.

Innovative Research

Our research is focused on basic science to understand bone and joint disease to translate state-of-the-art advances to treatments for the patients who need them.

Our History

Learn more about our journey of pioneering technological and scientific advancements, beginning in 1873 when faculty housing was converted into the University’s first hospital.

Our Faculty

Explore the renowned faculty behind our educational and clinical programs.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

With funding, mentorship resources, culture and an inclusive learning environment, we aim to reflect and understand the diverse population of patients we serve while being inclusive of all people.


Donations to the Orthopaedic Surgery Department transform lives, every day. From our research programs to specific education programs to DEI and beyond, there are so many meaningful ways to give to our mission in any denomination.

Orthopaedic Surgery Internal Website

Resources and information for current OrthoSurgery learners and faculty.

Orthopaedic Surgery Intranet
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