Neuroscience Graduate Program Outreach & Community Groups
Middle school students from Michigan Schools gather to listen to opening announcements at the Michigan League, March 9th, 2023.

Giving Back

Students in the NGP have a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with a variety of activities including strong representation in multiple campus DEI committees and groups.

The pride and strength of the NGP is its truly exceptional students. Students in the Neuroscience Program are active in a number of outreach activities including:

  • BrainsRule! - a one day science fair for middle school students
  • Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering and the Sciences (FEMMES) - promotes the STEM fields to young women throughout the year in a variety of activities
  • Science Education and Engagement for Kids (SEEK) - participates in monthly science clubs in disadvantaged areas of the community for elementary and middle school children

NGP students are involved in several committees and groups, peer-led workshops with topics such as diversity in STEM, and annual attendance at both ABRCMS and SACNAS. NGP students also mentor undergraduate students from several undergraduate institutions for summer experiences.


BrainsRule! Outreach Opportunity

Each spring the Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization hosts BrainsRule!, an educational outreach program designed to instill a passion for science in local middle school students. Over 100 students are shuttled to campus for a day-long “reverse science-fair” event to teach them about the brain. You can view short descriptions and pictures of current booths on the BrainsRule! website.

There are a few different ways that you can get involved with BrainsRule! depending on your level of interest:

  • Volunteer to run a booth at the event
  • Serve on one of the BrainsRule! committees
    • Schools: Contact local teachers and administrators to help organize students' attendance at the event
    • Volunteers: Managing recruitment, placement, and training of University of Michigan volunteers
    • Finances: Conduct fundraising (often by contacting departments and organizations on campus that have previously offered support)
    • Education: Help with booth development
Outreach program group photo wearing matching shirts
Female lead speaker stands at podium to address the audience
Community Groups

NGP Community Groups are student-led social groups created to enhance social support, increase well-being and improve work-life integration. Applications are solicited from students several times per year, with requests including a core membership of 4 or more students, a community president, a conceptual focus area, an explanation of how the group supports well-being, a list of possible activities and a requested budget.

The DEI Committee reviews applications and oversees each group. Past Community Groups have focused on outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, music, soccer, gardening and tea. Current students can find instructions and application forms on the NGP SharePoint site.

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