Peter K Todd, MD, PhD
Chester and Anne Alecks Sackett Endowed Professor
Professor of Neurology
Associate Chair for Research
Department of Neurology
Medical Director, Neurology
Professor of Human Genetics
[email protected]

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Peter K Todd, MD, PhD
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    I am a physician scientist who studies inherited neurological disorders and a board-certified neurologist with specialty training in Movement Disorders and Neurogenetics. My lab studies nucleotide repeat expansion disorders, including work on Fragile X-associated disorders, C9orf72-associated ALS and Frontotemporal Dementia, Cerebellar Ataxia with Neuropathy and Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome (CANVAS), Huntington's Disease and Myotonic Dystrophy. We use drosophila, mice and cell based (including human inducible pluripotent stem cells) model systems to explore the mechanisms underlying these diseases with a goal of developing novel therapeutics. We also explore novel means by which repetitive elements influence native neuronal function and contribute to common neurological conditions.

    Clinically, I see patients with inherited neurodegenerative disorders, including Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, and Ataxia. I direct both the University of Michigan Fragile X Clinic and our Multidisciplinary Ataxia Clinic while also seeing patients and teaching residents and medical students at the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center. Administratively, I serve as Associate Chair for Research in the Department of Neurology at Michigan where I play active roles in faculty recruitment and retention, promotion, clinical trial infrastructure and help guide our department’s overall research strategy.

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    • Preprint
      TDP43 autoregulation gives rise to shortened isoforms that are tightly controlled by both transcriptional and post-translational mechanisms
      Dykstra MM, Weskamp K, Gómez NB, Waksmacki J, Tank E, Glineburg MR, Snyder A, Pinarbasi E, Bekier M, Li X, Bai J, Shahzad S, Nedumaran J, Wieland C, Stewart C, Willey S, Grotewold N, McBride J, Moran JJ, Suryakumar AV, Lucas M, Tessier P, Ward M, Todd P, Barmada SJ. bioRxiv, DOI:10.1101/2024.07.02.601776
    • Journal Article
      Ribosomal quality control factors inhibit repeat-associated non-AUG translation from GC-rich repeats.
      Tseng Y-J, Krans A, Malik I, Deng X, Yildirim E, Ovunc S, Tank EMH, Jansen-West K, Kaufhold R, Gomez NB, Sher R, Petrucelli L, Barmada SJ, Todd PK. Nucleic Acids Res, 2024 Jun 10; 52 (10): 5928 - 5949. DOI:10.1093/nar/gkae137
      PMID: 38412259
    • Presentation
      CGG Repeats as Functional Elements and Drivers of Disease
      2024 May;
    • Preprint
      AAGGG repeat expansions trigger RFC1-independent synaptic dysregulation in human CANVAS Neurons.
      Maltby CJ, Krans A, Grudzien SJ, Palacios Y, Muiños J, Suárez A, Asher M, Khurana V, Barmada SJ, Dijkstra AA, Todd PK. 2023 Dec 14; DOI:10.1101/2023.12.13.571345
      PMID: 38168171
    • Preprint
      Stress granule formation helps to mitigate neurodegeneration.
      Glineburg MR, Yildirim E, Gomez N, Li X, Pak J, Altheim C, Waksmacki J, McInerney G, Barmada SJ, Todd PK. 2023 Nov 11; DOI:10.1101/2023.11.07.566060
      PMID: 37986813
    • Journal Article
      Insight and Recommendations for Fragile X-Premutation-Associated Conditions from the Fifth International Conference on FMR1 Premutation.
      Tassone F, Protic D, Allen EG, Archibald AD, Baud A, Brown TW, Budimirovic DB, Cohen J, Dufour B, Eiges R, Elvassore N, Gabis LV, Grudzien SJ, Hall DA, Hessl D, Hogan A, Hunter JE, Jin P, Jiraanont P, Klusek J, Kooy RF, Kraan CM, Laterza C, Lee A, Lipworth K, Losh M, Loesch D, Lozano R, Mailick MR, Manolopoulos A, Martinez-Cerdeno V, McLennan Y, Miller RM, Montanaro FAM, Mosconi MW, Potter SN, Raspa M, Rivera SM, Shelly K, Todd PK, Tutak K, Wang JY, Wheeler A, Winarni TI, Zafarullah M, Hagerman RJ. Cells, 2023 Sep 21; 12 (18): DOI:10.3390/cells12182330
      PMID: 37759552
    • Presentation
      Repeating Themes in Human Neurologic Disease
      2023 Sep;
    • Journal Article
      Dissecting the roles of EIF4G homologs reveals DAP5 as a modifier of CGG repeat-associated toxicity in a Drosophila model of FXTAS.
      Malik I, Tseng Y-J, Wieland CM, Green KM, Zheng K, Calleja K, Todd PK. Neurobiol Dis, 2023 Aug; 184: 106212 DOI:10.1016/j.nbd.2023.106212
      PMID: 37352983