Colin Greineder, MD, PhD
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Colin Greineder, MD, PhD
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  • Qualifications
    • Post-doctoral Fellow
      University of Pennsylvania, Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, 2016
    • PhD
      University of Pennsylvania, Room 150 Franklin Building 3451 Walnut Street, 2013
    • MD
      Yale School of Medicine, 367 Cedar Street, 2003
    • BS
      Yale University, New Haven, 1997
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      Samuel and Jean Frankel Cardiovascular Center
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      Biointerfaces Institute
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    • Journal Article
      Bispecific antibody shuttles targeting CD98hc mediate efficient and long-lived brain delivery of IgGs.
      Pornnoppadol G, Bond LG, Lucas MJ, Zupancic JM, Kuo Y-H, Zhang B, Greineder CF, Tessier PM. Cell Chem Biol, 2023 Oct 10; DOI:10.1016/j.chembiol.2023.09.008
      PMID: 37890480
    • Journal Article
      Coagulofibrinolytic effects of recombinant soluble thrombomodulin in prolonged porcine cardiac arrest.
      Zhang B, McCracken BM, Mahmood CC, Leander D, Greer N, Cranford JA, Hsu CH, Tiba MH, Neumar RW, Greineder CF. Resusc Plus, 2023 Dec; 16: 100477 DOI:10.1016/j.resplu.2023.100477
      PMID: 37811363
    • Journal Article
      Enzyme-Based Synthetic Protein Nanoparticles as Colloidal Antioxidants
      Mauser A, Quevedo DF, Zhang B, Hernandez Y, Berardi A, Brown W, Lee S, Miki R, Raymond J, Lahann J, Greineder CF. Advanced Therapeutics, 2023 Nov 1; 6 (11): DOI:10.1002/adtp.202300007
    • Journal Article
      318 Implementation and Evaluation of a Single Center, Multi-Component Intervention to Avoid Hospitalization of Patients With Low-Risk Acute Pulmonary Embolism
      O'Hare C, Gavrila V, Joyce E, Cuttitta A, Barnes G, Greineder C. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2023 Oct; 82 (4): s139 DOI:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2023.08.343
    • Journal Article
      Prediction of in-hospital deterioration in normotensive pulmonary embolism remains elusive: external validation of the calgary acute pulmonary embolism score.
      Hyder SN, Goraya SR, Grace KA, O'Hare C, Schaeffer WJ, Stover M, Matthews T, Khaja MS, Liles A, Greineder CF, Barnes GD. J Thromb Thrombolysis, 2023 Aug; 56 (2): 327 - 332. DOI:10.1007/s11239-023-02853-3
      PMID: 37351823
    • Journal Article
      Targeted Nanocarriers Co-Opting Pulmonary Intravascular Leukocytes for Drug Delivery to the Injured Brain.
      Nong J, Glassman PM, Myerson JW, Zuluaga-Ramirez V, Rodriguez-Garcia A, Mukalel A, Omo-Lamai S, Walsh LR, Zamora ME, Gong X, Wang Z, Bhamidipati K, Kiseleva RY, Villa CH, Greineder CF, Kasner SE, Weissman D, Mitchell MJ, Muro S, Persidsky Y, Brenner JS, Muzykantov VR, Marcos-Contreras OA. ACS Nano, 2023 Jul 25; 17 (14): 13121 - 13136. DOI:10.1021/acsnano.2c08275
      PMID: 37432926
    • Journal Article
      Adverse Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With Acute Low-risk Pulmonary Embolism and Concerning Computed Tomography Imaging Findings.
      O'Hare C, Grace KA, Schaeffer WJ, Hyder SN, Stover M, Liles AL, Khaja MS, Cranford JA, Kocher KE, Barnes GD, Greineder CF. JAMA Netw Open, 2023 May 1; 6 (5): e2311455 DOI:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.11455
      PMID: 37256624
    • Journal Article
      Diagnostic Algorithms for Pulmonary Embolism: Time to Eliminate Pretest Probability as a Gateway to D-dimer Testing?
      Greineder CF, Barnes GD, Kabrhel C. Ann Emerg Med, 2023 May; 81 (5): 566 - 567. DOI:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2022.12.012
      PMID: 36669925