Neeraj Kaplish
Associate Professor of Neurology
Medical Director, Sleep Labs and Clinics, UMMG
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Neeraj Kaplish
Clinical Associate Professor
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  • Qualifications
    • Clinical Fellow
      University of Michigan, Clinical Neurophysiology, 2007
    • Residency
      Medical University of Ohio, Neurology, 2006
    • Internship
      Medical University of Ohio, Internal Medicine, 2003
    • MBBS
      NSCB Medical College, Jabalpur, 2000
    Research Overview

    Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

    Sleep and epilepsy

    Evaluation and management of patients with parasomnias and narcolepsy

    Innovative treatments for the evaluation of sleep disorders

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    • Presentation
      "Positive Airway Pressure Therapy", Mini-Residency in Dental Sleep Medicine
      Kaplish N. 2023 Aug;
    • Presentation
      "Diagnostic Sleep Studies", Mini-Residency in Dental Sleep Medicine
      Kaplish N. 2023 Jul;
    • Presentation
      "EEG during PSG"
      Kaplish N. 2023 Jul 7;
    • Presentation
      Parasomnia Lecture
      Kaplish N. 2023 Jul 28;
    • Presentation
      "Overview of Sleep Medicine", Mini-Residency in Dental Sleep Medicine
      Kaplish N. 2023 Jun;
    • Journal Article
      Sleep-disordered breathing and neurocognitive function in multiple sclerosis: Differential associations across cognitive domains.
      Valentine TR, Kratz AL, Kaplish N, Chervin RD, Braley TJ. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 2023 Jun; 29 (7): 832 - 845.
    • Presentation
      Understanding Clinical & Ictal Patterns on PSG
      Kaplish N. 2023 Mar;
    • Presentation
      "Seizure Recognition on Polysomnography"
      Kaplish N. 2022 Mar;