Biorhythms is the student-run dance performance group of the University of Michigan Medical School.

medical science building

Biorhythms hosts and performs in two recitals each year as opportunities for students to rekindle their interest in the arts and showcase their talents onstage. This company is for female AND male students whether they have danced for years or never set foot in a dance class.

Our past performances have included a wide variety of dances such as hip hop, bhangra, belly dancing, ballroom, modern, tap, African, and jazz dancing. We also encourage different types of performing arts to participate in our show, including singing and bands.

We are always looking for fellow students to choreograph and help with our sound, lighting, videography and photography. There is something for everyone in this show – no matter what participation level you desire – and you are bound to have tons of fun. This is a great way to meet students in your class as well as older students!