Mellanie Springer
Thomas H and Susan C Brown Early Career Professor of Neurology
Assistant Professor of Neurology
1500 E. Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor
MI, 48109 United States
[email protected]

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Mellanie Springer
Assistant Professor
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    • NIH StrokeNet trainee
      Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY, 2017
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      Samuel and Jean Frankel Cardiovascular Center
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      Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation
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    • Journal Article
      Reduction in Racial Differences in Stroke Thrombolytics in Flint, Michigan.
      Skolarus LE, Lin CC, Bi R, Bailey S, Corches CL, Sales AE, Springer MV, Burke JF. Stroke, 2024 Feb; 55 (2): e24 - e26. DOI:10.1161/STROKEAHA.123.044663
      PMID: 38152959
    • Journal Article
      Association of Neighborhood Recreation Centers and Poststroke Outcomes in a Population-Based Cohort.
      Delhey LM, Shi X, Morgenstern LB, Brown DL, Smith MA, Case EC, Springer MV, Lisabeth LD. Stroke, 2023 Oct; 54 (10): 2583 - 2592. DOI:10.1161/STROKEAHA.122.041852
      PMID: 37706339
    • Journal Article
      Black Americans have worse stroke outcome compared with non-Hispanic whites.
      Morgenstern LB, Springer MV, Porter NC, Kwicklis M, Carrera JF, Sozener CB, Campbell MS, Hijazi I, Lisabeth LD. J Natl Med Assoc, 2023 Oct; 115 (5): 509 - 515. DOI:10.1016/j.jnma.2023.08.003
      PMID: 37634970
    • Journal Article
      Association of the Stroke Ready Community-Based Participatory Research Intervention With Incidence of Acute Stroke Thrombolysis in Flint, Michigan.
      Skolarus LE, Bailey S, Corches CL, Sales AE, Lin CC, Bi R, Springer MV, Oliver A, Robles MC, Brooks T, Tupper M, Jaggi M, Al-Qasmi M, Trevithick BA, Barber K, Majjhoo A, Zimmerman MA, Meurer WJ, Brown DL, Morgenstern LB, Burke JF. JAMA Netw Open, 2023 Jul 3; 6 (7): e2321558 DOI:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.21558
      PMID: 37399011
    • Journal Article
      Predictors of not maintaining regular medical follow-up after stroke.
      Springer MV, Skolarus LE, Feng C, Burke JF. BMC Neurol, 2023 Jun 20; 23 (1): 238 DOI:10.1186/s12883-023-03262-y
      PMID: 37340356
    • Journal Article
      Frequency of and factors associated with antiseizure medication discontinuation discussions and decisions in patients with epilepsy: A multicenter retrospective chart review.
      Terman SW, Slinger G, Koek A, Skvarce J, Springer MV, Ziobro JM, Burke JF, Otte WM, Thijs RD, Braun KPJ. Epilepsia Open, 2023 Jun; 8 (2): 371 - 385. DOI:10.1002/epi4.12695
      PMID: 36693718
    • Journal Article
      Associations Between Vascular Risk Factor Levels and Cognitive Decline Among Stroke Survivors.
      Levine DA, Chen B, Galecki AT, Gross AL, Briceño EM, Whitney RT, Ploutz-Snyder RJ, Giordani BJ, Sussman JB, Burke JF, Lazar RM, Howard VJ, Aparicio HJ, Beiser AS, Elkind MSV, Gottesman RF, Koton S, Pendlebury ST, Sharma A, Springer MV, Seshadri S, Romero JR, Hayward RA. JAMA Netw Open, 2023 May 1; 6 (5): e2313879 DOI:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.13879
      PMID: 37195662
    • Journal Article
      Food Insecurity and Perceived Financial Stress are Associated with Cost-related Medication Non-adherence in Stroke.
      Springer MV, Skolarus LE, Patel M. J Health Care Poor Underserved, 2023 34 (2): 625 - 639. DOI:10.1353/hpu.2023.0054
      PMID: 37464522