Simon Glynn
Associate Professor of Neurology
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Simon Glynn
Clinical Associate Professor
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    • Journal Article
      Later onset focal epilepsy with roots in childhood: Evidence from early learning difficulty and brain volumes in the Human Epilepsy Project.
      Pellinen J, Pardoe H, Sillau S, Barnard S, French J, Knowlton R, Lowenstein D, Cascino GD, Glynn S, Jackson G, Szaflarski J, Morrison C, Meador KJ, Kuzniecky R, Human Epilepsy Project Investigators . Epilepsia, 2023 Oct; 64 (10): 2761 - 2770. DOI:10.1111/epi.17727
      PMID: 37517050
    • Journal Article
      Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Suicidality in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Focal Epilepsy: An Analysis of a Complex Comorbidity.
      Kanner AM, Saporta AS, Kim DH, Barry JJ, Altalib H, Omotola H, Jette N, O'Brien TJ, Nadkarni S, Winawer MR, Sperling M, French JA, Abou-Khalil B, Alldredge B, Bebin M, Cascino GD, Cole AJ, Cook MJ, Detyniecki K, Devinsky O, Dlugos D, Faught E, Ficker D, Fields M, Gidal B, Gelfand M, Glynn S, Halford JJ, Haut S, Hegde M, Holmes MG, Kalviainen R, Kang J, Klein P, Knowlton RC, Krishnamurthy K, Kuzniecky R, Kwan P, Lowenstein DH, Marcuse L, Meador KJ, Mintzer S, Pardoe HR, Park K, Penovich P, Singh RK, Somerville E, Szabo CA, Szaflarski JP, Lin Thio KL, Trinka E, Burneo JG, Human Epilepsy Project . Neurology, 2023 Mar 14; 100 (11): e1123 - e1134. DOI:10.1212/WNL.0000000000201671
      PMID: 36539302
    • Journal Article
      Inpatient long-term video-electroencephalographic monitoring event capture audiovisual diagnostic quality.
      Terman SW, O'Kula SS, Asmar MM, Davis KA, Gazzola DM, Lesanu R, George L, Selwa LM, Glynn SM, Hill CE. Epilepsy Behav, 2022 Dec; 137 (Pt A): 108947 DOI:10.1016/j.yebeh.2022.108947
      PMID: 36274332
    • Journal Article
      Association of ultra-rare coding variants with genetic generalized epilepsy: A case-control whole exome sequencing study.
      Koko M, Motelow JE, Stanley KE, Bobbili DR, Dhindsa RS, May P, Canadian Epilepsy Network , Epi4K Consortium , Epilepsy Phenome/Genome Project , EpiPGX Consortium , EuroEPINOMICS-CoGIE Consortium . Epilepsia, 2022 Mar; 63 (3): 723 - 735. DOI:10.1111/epi.17166
      PMID: 35032048
    • Journal Article
      Interictal high frequency background activity as a biomarker of epileptogenic tissue.
      Stovall T, Hunt B, Glynn S, Stacey WC, Gliske SV. Brain Commun, 2021 3 (3): fcab188 DOI:10.1093/braincomms/fcab188
      PMID: 34704026
    • Journal Article
      Diverse genetic causes of polymicrogyria with epilepsy.
      Epilepsy Phenome/Genome Project, Epi4K Consortium . Epilepsia, 2021 Apr; 62 (4): 973 - 983. DOI:10.1111/epi.16854
      PMID: 33818783
    • Journal Article
      Diverse genetic causes of polymicrogyria with epilepsy
      Project EPG, Consortium E. Epilepsia, 2021 Apr 1; 64 (4): 973 - 983.
    • Chapter
      Seizures and General Medical Disorders
      Glynn S, Parent J, Aminoff M. 2021 Neurology and General Medicine 6th ed,